Better Backlinks are at GTS; a link building company that specializes in relevant, high quality backlinks that are hand built in America (no bots, no BS).  Our backlinks are hosted on hundreds of servers with Class A and B IP diversity.


GTS Links are built to last--It takes more than a Five dollar gig to rank on the most sophisticated search engine in the world.


By ranking your website in the organic search results, you will target the right customers that are looking to purchase your product and service.


For more than 7 years, GTS Backlink services has ranked thousands of websites across the world, and has built a reputation in the SEO community as a leader in the link building service niche.

We go the extra mile with Brand Name Authority Ranking:


This is all about us going the extra mile to link to your ‘other links out there’! Some SEO’s call this deep linking, satellite linking, or parasite linking, but we call it Branded Linking. This is because we work over time by linking AND social signaling to your blog, Facebook pages, Twitter page, YouTube video, +1 page, Squidoo lens, audio lens, press releases, rss feeds, comments, etc…


We like to link to anything that we feel is hosting a trusted and valuable resource in referencing your brand name, website, or product.


As your campaign strengthens with GTS, these web properties will gain in Page Rank. The goal is that they will become better traffic portals for your online branding and marketing stability while increasing your websites link profile. Branded Linking is available for our Level 3 clients.

Quality  &  Relevant  D.A.  BAcklinks


Our Hand Built Domain Authority (DA) sites are real sites with healthy historical profiles.


Each one of the backlinks that you buy are hosted from different class A IP's, and are theme matched to fit your website's niche.  What does this mean? Example: You are attempting to rank for "SEO Services", we will build websites that are themed for (1) SEO, (2) Services, and (3) both.   This formula, at the right volume, is 70 percent of the power of backlinks.
But, this is only part of it.  We do not blast the homepage with links and expect results. AT GTS, are philosophy is "fresh backlinks to fresh content."  We will build a foundational link structure to the homepage, but, after that, we put most of the volume of our backlinks to the newest content that you have. This will show the bots and humans that there's real user engagement and endorsements on your website.

Social  Media  Reach


Our Social Media Reach Campaigns Are Supported by Real People 100% of the time.


Each Month, Our Level 2′s and up, will receive what we call adaptive social signals. These are called ‘adaptive’ because you will not get the same person ‘liking’, ‘tweeting’, ‘hash tagging’, or ‘+1′ing’ your page throughout your campaign. So, as an example: Let’s say you are promoting a page on your website and in the first 30 days you received 17 FaceBook likes to that page. Those 17 Facebook likes will come from 17 different people. And then next month, you will get new ‘likes’ from completely new people. This means that your Social signaling is continually growing in diversity and Brand name or Product recognition every month. This will happen on all of the different social platforms that are well respected throughout social sites. Some of the more common trusted platforms we are currently sending signals from are Facebook, Twitter, Google +1, and Linkedin.

Press  Release  Distribution


We write a relevant niche press release for you. It is then distributed to the major outlets worldwide. 


Our Premium Press release service uses the world’s top PR Firms to distribute fresh news about your product, brand name, or industry throughout the region. In SEO, building trust, authority, and establishing your name with these communities are going to make a huge impact on your sales. We write, and hand submit your press releases into over 20 different PR firms, news wires, distribution outlets, social news portals, and more. We don’t stop there, with a powerful backlink campaign you need to take extra steps. So, our Social Media team will then take your Press Release urls, and give it an extra Social Media backlink boost through the major networks. Our Press Releases are so well syndicated, that each Press Release will have a minimum of 500 daily news results, picked up by major traffic platforms, cities, wires, social media hubs and more.

Link Building Questions & answers:


Below is a list of questions and answers to better assist your research in our products:


Q. Are there any ways to increase my search engine traffic without using your services?


A. Yes, there are, you can go to reputation management agencies, SEO firms, and other internet marketing companies that focus on different sources of traffic. We recommend that you do heavy research in SEO and Social Media marketing before exploring this idea however.


Q. Are your links going to be permanent?


A. This is a misconception in SEO, there are no permanent backlinks, Through the course of time, your backlinks do diminish, the indexing of the search engines cannot possibly permanently archive the worldwide web and it’s billions of inbound links. So, most backlinks have a 6 month indexing life because of this. This is why GTS goes the extra mile in our Branded Linking Department to make sure your most treasured links are staying alive and healthy no matter what the search engines are doing. What you need are aged, relevant, and trusted backlinks that are constantly linked to. This will gain Page Rank strength and increase the authority in your link portfolio.


Q. Do your link building campaigns spam other sites with irrelevant comments? Is this how you attain backlinks?


A. Heck No! We don’t spam, we don’t  use shady black hat tactics to rank your site. Spam commenting someone’s site, keyword stuffing, over-anchoring, and cloaking are NOT what we do. That’s a short term gain with a long term penalty and we don’t provide those kinds of services or backlinks.


Q. Do you think that having a Social Media Persona is something that is important for my brand or product name?


A. Yes, having a social presence is something we take very seriously. If you don’t have social media profiles associated with your website, then get them. This will not only help your ranking in the search engines, but also allow us to properly social signal your pages when we are sending our Social Media Reach Links to them.


Q. Does your company provide some type of reporting of the links you are building? What about a login area where I can see what is going on? Is there anyway that I can see what it looks like?


A. Yes, we provide a login area for all of our clients and agencies. This login area is a great place for you to check your backlink velocity, link type, anchor variation, ranking history, ranking values, and more. It’s a beautiful design specifically built for our clients and have nothing but positive feedback with it. See our image below of what your portal will look like.








Our agencies are able to login and see all of their website in one port. Giving them a huge amount of flexibility with reporting, visual organization, and a visually appealing area for tracking their clients progress.


Q. Do you offer a money back guarantee? 


A. Yes, absolutely. If you are not satisfied with our link building services within the first 30 days of your campaign, you may request a full refund with no questions asked. We are confident in our link building campaigns. Our backlinks rank and they rank well.


Q. Why do you believe GTS’s backlinks are so powerful? Why would I want GTS’s SEO Services? 


A. Because we are good. We are seasoned backlinking specialists. Link building is all we’ve done for many years. We’ve seen the waves of Google and know what it takes to keep a consistent and well balanced link portfolio for our clients. We have arguably the best resources, business connections, and relationships in the link building industry. And we know the difference between a good backlink and a cheap one.


Q. Do you think your backlinks have the highest quality on the market? 


A. NO! Absolutely NOT! If you are looking for the best quality backlinks that you can buy, then you need to directly seek out websites like Facebook, Twitter, Pandora, Google, YouTube, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. Once you have contacted their webmasters, ask them for a link inside of relevant content on their homepage where all of the page rank and traffic is. Each backlink (if you can get them) will take you about 6 months or so to acquire and 50 thousand dollars per month per backlink. Those are the highest quality backlinks on the market, and you’ll need about 50 of them to rank your site well if you are in a tough niche.

GTS backlinks are like gold because, they rank websites well, they bring relevant-targeted traffic, and they can increase the value of websites through time.  And they don’t cost you a 50 thousand for each backlink.



Branded Linking

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  • GTS Backlink Campaigns are strategic, balanced, and ethically created for the people by pople.
  • We do not use spun content, or link from spam centralized websites. 
  • We manually acquire your backlinks using our proprietary GTS Systems.
  • There are no automated programs in our office to poison your SEO campaign. 

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